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40 Days of Prayer and Fasting ! 


Victory has been declared! 

Decree and declare

Major, Major, Major Victory! 

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Graduate Recognition 2021 Revisited 


Mekhi Perkins - 5th Grade

  Longfellow Elementary School 

Mekhi also received an award for 

Outstanding Academic Excellence! 

Deshawn Jordan - 5th Grade 

Longfellow Elementary School 

Destination - Eliot Middle School  


                   Klay Davis 


 Tristan C Hibbert - 5th Grade 

 Wilder's Preparatory Academy

Middle School

 Jasuri Brown  - 12th Grade

Howard University High School 
Next Stop - Santa Monica Community College





Angel Wess  - 12th Grade

Marshall Fundamental School 

            Edwina McFadden

         Masters Degree in Nursing  

University of California Los Angeles

Celeste Williams

Bachelor of Science in Finance

Cal State Northridge